Well…it’s over. Huh.

"Oh, he won’t be coming in today," …"Ginny said he’s feeding pigeons and won’t come down."


Ok this bit about them making a scene and running off with the Oliver tickets is awesome. Brownie points to KLS.

Gwyneth Fairfax huh? Kathryn try a little harder not to rip off Oscar Wilde with you’re character names.

…and of course we come to the “How I became Josette” story.

Really KLS? Really?

So…not Lara is of course a witch…and is trying to kill her? And she’s knocked up?


"I’ve become addicted to your Yankee maple syrup."

Yes because I am British and must use terms like “Blimey” and such every other sentence to remind you!

Not Lara to the rescue!!!

There…is…a guy sucking on her feet…at an orgy. WTF IS HAPPENING!?!

LMAO. Did…did she just use the term “reefer”? How can I not snicker at that?!?

Alright KLS you get brownie points for the Streetcar reference.

YES!!! Finally the arrival of Not Lara!!!

Ok…has Nancy READ this book?!? I mean for fucks SAKE! No WAY could KLS talk her way out of this.

Alright now she’s starting to stray enough from the truth. I can start buying as fiction. Somehow I doubt it will last long.

Yeah…she isn’t even trying anymore. I don’t even think the not prefix is worth applying.