Barnabas/Angelique sexy time via comic books…

Barnabas/Angelique sexy time via comic books…

Filling out paperwork to watch the stage version of DS at the performing arts library.

Filling out paperwork to watch the stage version of DS at the performing arts library.

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So after that post from Cousin Barnabas I couldn’t help but look into this Earnest musical because there is nothing I love more than old forgotten musicals. 

So Louis was Algie. I mean it makes sense because Algernon is much more of a douche bag, but I’m still a little sad he wasn’t Jack. However I think I need to buy this cast recording for my collection.

Alright so I just watched Burton Shadows for the first time probably since the day it came out on video…

Here are some things I’ve realized…

1. The Prologue needed at least another 10 min.
You have got to get more establishment to relationships here. We needed a tad more Angie/Barnabas so that you can truly get a feel for why she was so hurt and vengeful. Yet more importantly we need to actually have some to have any kind of relationship between Barnabas and Josette. Showing them kiss just doesn’t fucking hack it…this should have been at least 5 minutes unto itself which is the entire length of the prologue as it stands now.

2. The Major Conflict of this film should have been the Love Triangle.
If we could have really gotten a better establishment of Josette and obviously more importantly Victoria that unto itself could have really worked. Angie the villain and Vicki the hero with Barnabas caught in between. 

3. Julia should have been established as Vicki’s Shrink at Wyndcliff.
I mean obviously not super recently but for a substantial period of time. Think of how amazing this could have been!!!! Vicki shows up at Collinwood ready to begin her new life….joins the family for dinner and BAM it’s all threatened if she recognizes her! Also this would have helped cement Vicki as the heroine of the film. I feel like this would have served the plot far better than the whole blood stealing scenario. I’m sure that a certain group of shippers will take serious issue with this but dammit it works better alright.

In conclusion basically the whole David idolizing Barnabas thing should have been scrapped since they ended up cutting the only scenes that allowed it to make sense anyway.

I dunno these were thoughts I had. Take them or leave them. Thoughts?
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So I was just reading through the companion book again. I just now caught this. John August essentially said he tried to condense the whole show into a film. How does that sound like a good idea? Plus wtf does that have to do with it being “Godfatheresque”? John can we please read this fucking script because you are incapable of relaying a consistent summary.

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All the Julia Hoffman feels

So basically all of the fandom discussion got me thinkin

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Angelique Bouchard PSA

I have no idea what’s up with the line down the center.

Can someone give me a cap of Joshua Cat Collins please? I need that cat!

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Oh the madness that is the new DS comic…

Roger and Carolyn possessed by demons sacrificing Barnabas to their master.

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Im sorry the DS tumblr fandom needed to see this. Priceless.

Im sorry the DS tumblr fandom needed to see this. Priceless.

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Can someone please explain to me how there isn’t a BarnabasxJosette fan video to Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey. Someone should get on that. My editing skills are non existent. 

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Go buy this book right now people. Holy Bejesus.

Go buy this book right now people. Holy Bejesus.

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So…uh…this just got posted to the imdb board…assuring the reader it is indeed legit.

Director: TIM BURTON

JOHNNY DEPP … Barnabas Collins
CHLOE GRACE MORETZ … Carolyn Stoddard
GULLIVER McGRATH … David Collins
M.C. GAINEY … Bill Malloy
with JONNY LEE MILLER … Roger Collins
and MICHELLE PFEIFFER … Elizabeth Collins Stoddard

(As Elizabeth Stoddard and Willie oversee the reconstruction of Collinwood, both Barnabas and Victoria try to settle to the life of being happy together through their curse of vampirisim. Elizabeth is pleased with David adjusting to life without his neglectful father, but is still coping with the fact that her daughter is a werewolf. However, what Barnabas does not know, is that Dr. Hoffman survived his attack and awoke at the bottom of the sea. It seems that after her immortal blood transfusion, Barnabas’ bite made her not only a vampire, but even more powerful than Barnabas, himself. She rises from the depths of the ocean and vows vengenace on the Collins family and dares to take over their family fortune and legacy. Pleased with her new youthful beauty and power, she strikes up a bargain with a long lost acquaintance to the Collins family, known as Burke Devlin, and uses his secret hatred for the Collins’ and fascination with the Occult, as accomplice to her devious plan for revenge. When Barnabas learns of Julia’s return and intentions, he fights with his undead lover and brave descendants to protect his family blood and undo the mistake


For the sake of some of the less savvy readers…THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT! I just needed to share in the idiocy for your amusement.

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Guys when you pick up the bluray watch the movie with the focus points on FIRST! 

It’s beyond awesome! 
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