“I require loyalty, Doctor, above all else.”

Here we go again.

Ugh for me they’re relationship doesn’t heat up until after 1795. One of my favorite scenes ever on the show is when Vicki comes back and Barnabas is creepin in her room and Julia just flings the door open and is like “GET OUT!” lol

oh god i just hated everything leading up to 1795


and i was so thrilled about this NEW AND EXCITING prospect of shipping Julia and Barnabas when they first met and it was all I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE! and Julia being a badass all over Collinwood and ~my science! and dave being all ~i think you have a crush on mr. collins and my initial interpretation of Julia considering the idea but shoving it way in the back of her mind because THERE WAS SCIENCE TO BE DONE GODDAMN IT

oh god i have so many feelings about this ship AND I ACTIVELY DESPISE IT MOST OF THE TIME

I mean they are absolutely my OS OTP, but let’s be real…Julia deserves better. :P Except for when my heart soars like every other episdoe during the Adam storyline.